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Evidence based decision-making has become increasingly prominent on the national and international development agendas. An evidence based approach helps policy-makers and practitioners make well informed decisions by putting the best available evidence at the heart of policy and programme development and implementation. Organizations should use research to establish or confirm facts, reaffirm the results of previous work, solve new or existing­ problems and support or develop new theories.

Devimpact carries out research to assist our clients to: Keep up to date with the existing body of evidence and ensure its effective use in their programs; Generate new evidence to address global knowledge gaps and thematic areas challenges; Understand and determine needs, local perceptions and realities of programme contexts.

Devimpact Solutions

Needs Assessment
Designing and carrying out studies to determine needs, gaps and capacity of project beneficiaries.

Feasibility Study
Conducting preliminary study to determine whether a proposed project is technically, financially, and operationally viable.

Baseline Survey
Conducting baseline surveys to determine the status of the project beneficiaries before an intervention. This forms a bench mark against which success will be measured.

Perception survey
Designing and conducting perception survey for collecting impressions about a company, product, program or an issue.

Market Research

We have a passion for discovering new insights and helping businesses improve their decision-making and optimising sales through a rich and deep understanding of their customers and market.