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Impact Evaluations

Public programs are designed to reach certain goals and beneficiaries. Programs might appear potentially promising before implementation yet fail to generate expected impacts or benefits. There is obvious need for impact evaluation is to help policy makers decide whether programs are generating intended effects; to promote accountability in the allocation of resources across public programs; and to fill gaps in understanding what works, what does not, and how measured changes in well-being are attributable to a particular project or policy intervention.

Devimpact’s impact evaluation approach emphasize on methods which help us to under whether programs actually work, as well as the level and nature of impacts on intended beneficiaries.  We use mixed-methods approaches, building on the strength of both quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis, and a wide range of innovative impact designs. We help to answer the question of causality and attribution of a program using both factual and counterfactual methodologies.

Devimpact Solutions

Rigorous Impact Evaluation
Devimpact conducts rigorous evaluation to provide partner organizations with strong evidence about the interventions they use to achieve their goals. Our rigorous Impact evaluations involve structured tests of clearly articulated hypotheses, and a counterfactual is used to clarify what would have occurred in the absence of an intervention.

Participatory Impact Assessment
Devimpact employs participatory tools to measure the impact of humanitarian assistance and development. This approach recognizes project beneficiaries as experts and involves them in assessing project impact – and by recognizing that ‘local people are capable of identifying and measuring their own indicators of change’.

Mix-Methods Approach
Devimpact uses both quantitative and qualitative methods for evaluation. This approach draws from the strength of both methods and through triangulation we compare data obtained from differences sources.

Impact Evaluation capacity building
Our impact evaluations are conducted in close collaboration with our partners. We develop their competency in conducting internal impact evaluations.