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Surveys and Data Collection

Surveys are valuable tools for collecting accurate, objective, and credible data when there is little or no existing data and when resources are insufficient to analyze an entire population.

Devimpact has the expertise and experience developing high quality survey and data collection instruments that will achieve high response rates and get valid information. Our work is anchored in proven methods and best practices in the survey industry, with a strong emphasis on timeliness, efficiency, quality, and technological innovation. Our ability to fuse subject and survey competencies ensures that data collected through surveys are valid, reliable and relevant. Devimpact has the capacity to collect data in a variety of modes in complex data collection plans requiring mixed-mode survey designs and technology solutions.

Devimpact Solutions

  • Survey Design

We apply our expertise in sampling, survey methodology, data collection, and analytical research methods to develop survey designs that provide our clients with quality data to answer their research questions

  • Instruments Development

We collaborate with clients on instrumentation needs and most appropriate data collection methods to develop tools that help us meet our clients’ needs. Devimpact develops instruments that support computer-assisted interviews, paper-and-pencil surveys, mobile data collection platforms, and other data collection methods. We conduct usability testing and pretesting before roll out the data collection tools to the field.

  • Data Collection

At Devimpact we support data collection services using web-based surveys, on-site administration of paper surveys, phone surveys mail surveys, interviews, focus groups, and direct observations. We employ computer-assisted methodologies and Mobile Data Collection technologies.